Accept payments from tourists wherever you are.

Download the app. Generate a QR code. Accept payments, forever getting rid of terminal problems.

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How does PayFor work?

The PayFor.Travel app serves as a digital wallet for order processing. It allows you to chat with customers in a dedicated chat room, distribute payments from the shopping cart and manage bookings from a single, easy-to-use app.

Ask for payment

with one click in the app and inform the customer about the details of the order.

Accept funds from the customer

in just 30 seconds and manage them according to your preferences.

Withdraw funds

To a linked bank account without any commissions.

Connect with customers

Ask for payment.

With dedicated chats, send push notifications and messages to your customers, notifying them of payments, order changes or discount opportunities. Manage all orders from within the app. Calendars, pricing, availability - everything becomes simple with PayFor.Travel

our vision

Multiple payment methods

30+ payment methods with one app.


The money goes straight to your account.

When you sell offers through a QR code, the money immediately goes into your PayFor account. You can automatically and freely withdraw the accumulated funds to your bank account or payment card.

One application, all payments

Whether you sell tours, offer transportation or run your own agritourism. With PayFor you will accept payment for any type of business.

Hotels & Apartments

Payment of tourist fee, no terminals, possibility of up sell/cross sell services from the area.


No need for payment terminals in the field, all via cell phone.

Tourist attractions

Queueless, unattended payments. You scan the QR code, pay, get a ticket, enter.


One application to manage everything

It is a breakthrough solution for any business, providing order management, customer service and payment acceptance capabilities.

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